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Varsity Band I, II, III, IV

The Varsity Band is the fully competitive portion of the BHS Band program. Not only does it include our home performances, it includes all off campus performances and competitions. Off campus performances include performances at our middle schools and elementary school, Marching Band competitions, the WTSBOA Concert Festival, and the annual spring enrichment trip. The Varsity Band students are required to attend after school rehearsals on assigned days to prepare for these competitions. There is a fee for this class.

Concert Band I, II (Formerly known as Pep Band)

The Concert Band course offering is our “non-competitive” track. In the BHS Band we understand that some students may not have a family schedule that will permit after school participation in competition rehearsals. We understand that some students wish to pursue Varsity athletics at BHS. We believe that all students should have access to a music education. Concert Band students receive the same classroom instruction as the Varsity Band. However, their performance requirements are limited to home performances, to include home football games, our two home concerts, and the Bartlett Christmas parade. In the Spring Semester, Concert Band students can opt to upgrade and participate in our competitive concert band. This course offering is available to 9th & 10th grades. After two years we ask these students to make a commitment to the Varsity Band in the 11th & 12th grades. The only exceptions to this are students who participate in BHS Varsity Fall Athletics during their 11th or 12th grade years. There is a fee for this class.

Percussion I, II, III, IV

The percussion class is a specialized class for students who play percussion instruments. This class is comprised of both the Varsity Band and Concert band levels of participation. The percussion class is NOT for beginning musicians. Percussion students learn all the marching music and rehearse with the rest of the rest of Varsity Band after school. After the Marching Band season, the percussion class prepares specialized percussion ensemble music for competitions. The percussion class prepares the concert band music with the brass and woodwinds in after school rehearsals. Marching Band percussion instrument assignments are based on the audition process in during the 3rd week of July during the summer band rehearsals.



Marching Band

The Marching Band is the public face of the BHS Band programs. Each Fall Football season the Varsity Band prepares a 7-8 minute marching band field show to perform at football games and marching band competitions. Rehearsals begin the third and fourth week of July. Attendance at the summer rehearsals is required for membership in the Varsity Band. The summer rehearsals will total nearly of 80 hours of instruction including the marching show music and the formations of the field show. Once school starts rehearsal are after school Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 2:15-4:30. Percussion and Color Guard has an additional rehearsal on Wednesday from 2:15-4:30 to focus on their skill set with specialized instructors. Competitions are on Saturdays, typically from 3rd Saturday of September through the first Saturday of November. The exact competition schedule will vary from year to year as the band program attends different competitions.

Color Guard

The color guard is a specialty unit of the marching band program. This unit provides visual support to the Marching band show through the use of flags and modern dance. Anyone who wishes to audition for Color Guard must be a registered member of the Varsity Band. Auditions for this group will be held during the first week of summer band. Audition will include ability to learn choreography quickly, and the ability to positively interact with the instructors and their peers. Students interested in this specialty unit must play an instrument in the band program after marching season is over.

Concert Band

Beginning in November, the band classes change over to concert band music. The BHS Band presents two concerts, The January “Pops” concert and the April “Competition music” concert. The band is divided into two performing groups simply known as Varsity and Junior Varsity Concert Band. For the January concert, The band is divided roughly with the 11th & 12th grade in the Varsity Band, and the 9th & 10th grade as the Junior Varsity. Selected students will be asked to perform in both groups to provide complete instrumentation in both groups. After the January concert, the two bands are reorganized by skill level to prepare for our WTSBOA concert band competition in March. Selection for each group is done by auditions. Any student selected for the All West Honor Band is automatically assigned to the Varsity Concert Band. All Remaining seats in both bands are assigned by an internal band audition.

Jazz Band

The BHS Jazz band is an after school enrichment activity that focuses on the jazz style and jazz improvisation. The Jazz Band has been active in the WTSBOA Jazz festival the last 4 years and received a superior rating all four years. The Jazz band is primarily for saxophones, trumpets, trombones, drum set, piano, rhythm and bass guitar, and auxiliary percussion. However we carefully select music that will include other instruments should students who play non-traditional jazz instruments want to participate. On years that we have good student participation we will offer a Junior Varsity Jazz Band as well. Rehearsals after school are typically one day a week and begin each January. The Jazz Program will give a concert each April. There is a $25 fee for this group to pay for each year’s music and the buses for competition.

Jazz Combo

Jazz Combo is a small group of Jazz students that specialize in jazz improvisation. A Jazz combo is typically 1-2 lead instruments (melodic), piano, drum set, bass and rhythm guitar. This group prepares music to participate in the WTSBOA Jazz Festival in April. When student participation in this group is high we will have a Junior Varsity Combo as well. The jazz groups will give a concert each April. There is a $25 fee for this group to pay for each year’s music and the buses for competition. If a student is in both the Jazz Band and a Jazz Combo, they only pay the fee one time.

Percussion Ensemble

After the marching band season is over, the percussion class specializes in music that is specifically written for percussion groups. The percussionist will learn 20-30 minutes of music from this style and participate in local percussion ensemble competitions. Musical styles will include both the marching and concert percussion mediums. The percussion ensembles will perform in an April concert.



All West Tennessee Honor Band

The BHS Band actively supports our Student’s participation in the WTSBOA Honor Band. Each January, students are provided the opportunity to audition for the Senior High, Junior High, Jazz, Orchestra (winds & percussion) Honor Groups. Music is provided to all students in August with auditions in January. The All West rehearsals and concert for those selected is typically the end of January. The BHS Band provides a Band Fee discount of $100 to anyone who is selected and participates in one of the four All West groups. Any student selected for The All State Band Groups will receive a $325 discount of their band fees. The fee applies to the following year’s fees. Only Students who are currently attending BHS or are zoned to BHS are eligible for this program. Any senior who is selected and participates in All West will be awarded a $100 textbook scholarship by the Band Booster organization. Any Senior Selected for The All State Band Groups will receive a $325 textbook scholarship.

Solo and Ensemble

Students who wish to participate in Solo & Ensemble will be provided an opportunity to do so through the WTSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festival. This event is traditionally in February.


Spring Enrichment Trip

Each spring the band students are provided an opportunity to travel to a contest destination. The spring enrichment trip is announced in August and a payment schedule is typically available from November to March. The trip destination and costs are on a two-year rotation. One year is a “short trip” and the alternating year is a “long trip”. Price of trips can range from $350-$750 depending on destination. The 2015 Trip is currently scheduled for Orlando, Florida. The enrichment trip is not a required trip, but rather for those who wish to participate. Participation in the enrichment trip is limited to the Varsity Band members who competed with the Marching band.



Students in the BHS Band are assessed in two areas; participation and ability to play. The BHS Band is a Performing Arts Ensemble. Meaning, we give performances. Therefore, attendance at rehearsals and performances are a REQUIRED part of the grade. Participation in class DAILY is a required part of the class. Participation includes the student’s presence and the student having their instrument, music, and any other musical supply need for that particular rehearsal or performance. In the event of a schedule conflict, the teacher and student will work out a solution on a case-by-case basis. We also require the students to demonstrate that they are learning their music and improving on the instruments by taking playing test. All students are given a copy and one-year subscription to “SmartMusic” assessment software. Students are given playing test assignments through the program. The student has the opportunity to do the assignment over as many times as needed to improve their score. Then the student submits the assignment through the program for a final grade. The program also documents the time spent playing as a practice log that can be graded as well.



The BHS Band receives no revenue from the school district. This means that all expenditures; music, buses, repair, technology is paid for by the band fees the band students pay. Each spring the director submits an itemized budget to the band boosters, and establishes the band fee for the year. The operating budget for the band is funded through the band fee. Expenditures outside of the operating budget and band fee revenue are paid by the band booster organization. These include but are not limited too: The BHS band uniform and supplies, operations of the football concession stands, band banquet, marching band operational supplies, material for props, equipment truck rental, and other unbudgeted expenditures. The booster organization also supervises fund raising activities through the year to assist in the funding of the band program and the Individual Student Accounts (ISA).

Band Fee Schedule:

Varsity Band (Class) Fee                       $500

Concert Band (Class) Fee                      $175

Jazz Fee                                              $25

All West Audition Fee                            $10

Solo & Ensemble Fee                            $10

Second Child (Sibling) Discount             $250(applies to varsity band fee only)

All West Discount                                 $100(applies to varsity band fee only)

All State Discount                                 $325(applies to varsity band fee only)

Spring Enrichment Trip                         $350-$750 (depending on destination)

Varsity Band fee is paid in 3 payments:

1st payment              Mid-May

2nd payment             First Week of Summer Band

3rd Payment              First Week of School

Individual Student Accounts

We understand that the Varsity Band fee can be a large lump sum. The BHS Band Boosters provide all students the opportunity to earn the money towards their band fee with fundraisers. With every fundraiser, a percentage of the profit goes to each student’s ISA. The ISA balances are managed by the booster organization, and any student with parent’s permission can have money moved from their ISA to pay for their individual band fee. Once band fees are paid, any ISA balance a student may have can be applied toward the spring enrichment trip.

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